Our Contributors

This blog is currently moderated by WILDFIRE Publications Officer, Caroline Xue, and Clayton Subcommittee Publications Representative, Holly McGraw. It would not exist without the hard work of an enthusiastic team of volunteers! Here are the names of our wonderful volunteer contributors so far.

  • Eman Alsulami
  • Anshula Ashish
  • Gaya Bimal
  • Emma Buckthorpe
  • Sarah Butler
  • Tushar Goyal
  • Eve Lardner
  • Edward Meehan
  • Ali Shoushtari
  • Shiva Sridhar
  • Jia Cheng Tan
  • Stephanie Tan
  • Sathya Thavendran
  • Amber Wang
  • Susie Westbury
  • Josie Young
  • Beverley Zhong
  • Sarah Sun

If you are interested in joining the team, please email wildfire.publications@gmail.com for more information, or submit a query on the Contact Us page. It is a fun and engaging way to keep in the know about health news in Australia and abroad!