JFPP in Broome

Each participant in the John Flynn Placement Program (JFPP) has a unique experience! Here are Ella Spear’s thoughts on her experience in the program so far. Ella is currently in second year.


Applying for the JFPP was one of the best decisions I ever made. Thanks to the program, I have now been to Broome twice to work within the Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Service, and am looking forward to my next two trips. The program provides students with the amazing opportunity to form a connection with a town and its people. I feel so lucky to have been welcomed so warmly into the Broome community.

“…the amazing opportunity to form a connection with a town and its people.”

On my first day of John Flynn, as a first year student, I took blood, did a pap smear, and assisted in a twin delivery. Since then, I have been involved in general practice, paediatrics, ED and even worked with the RFDS. I have developed amazing relationships with the community, and made long lasting friendships with other students and medical staff. From just two placements, I have developed a real passion for Indigenous health care. I can genuinely see myself working and living in Broome in the future.

Without John Flynn, I would never have realised how rewarding and interesting rural medicine could be. As a pre-clinical student, the program has really broadened my perspective, and expanded my goals for future practice. As medical students, we are so lucky to have the chance to work with Aboriginal people in such an intimate, trusting setting. I would absolutely recommend the program to anyone wanting to practice medicine in a meaningful and rewarding way – you won’t regret it!

Kimberley, WA

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