The return of natural contraception

A recent study at Monash University suggests that despite the overwhelming information available regarding safe sex practices and prevention of unwanted pregnancies, a significant number of Australians are using “natural contraceptive techniques” such as withdrawal and fertility awareness. According to the study, approximately 15% of sexually active Australians are using “natural methods” of contraception.

A correlation has also been identified between living in a metropolitan area and use of natural methods. Therefore implying that it is not availability but rather a societal pressure which is causing the increase. Dr. Elizabeth Farrell suggests that the increase in natural contraception methods is due to society’s current trend and obsession with organic lifestyles.

Whilst individuals advocate for fertility awareness methods ability to prevent pregnancy, without the additional side effects of traditional birth control, doctors still consider intrauterine devices and contraceptive implants to be the most effective method. The concern with the use of “natural contraception” lies in the large deviation between the effectiveness of the method “in perfect use” and “in typical use”. Whereas with use of traditional methods such as IUD’s or implants,  the efficacy is almost identical. In addition, natural methods do not prevent the transmission STDs or STIs.

Cheyenne Rain Travis

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