Stepping up flu pandemic plans

A recent research in the Archives of Public Health shows that in the past five years, new strains of influenza have emerged. Consequently, there is now increased risk of a bird flu strain emerging that could cause a human pandemic.

To prevent this from occurring, Dr Chau Bui from the National Health and Medical Research Council Centre urges that changes should be made to current national and international pandemic plans to prevent influenza outbreaks.

Commercialisation, especially in low-income countries, is believed to be harbouring many avian influenza viruses, resulting in recent increase in the number of new strains emerging. As a result, Dr Bui suggests that pandemic plans should focus on preventing the spread of influenza in birds and poultry, which has the potential to cause human infection.

Tushar Goyal

Read more from ABC News, or learn how flu pandemics arise through the links below.


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