Where do you store your smartphone?

A recent Monash University research found that 15% of women keep their smartphones in their bra. With numerous past studies indicating increased risk of developing tumours from using smartphones for extended periods of time, Dr Mary Redmayne from the university’s School of Public Health and Preventative Medicine is encouraging women to store their smartphones in a bag or desk rather than on their skin to reduce the likelihood of developing breast cancer.

With many new smartphones now coming pre-installed with applications that automatically run in the background, users are being constantly exposed to harmful electromagnetic radiation.

Most people seem to disregard adverse health effects that may result from smartphone overuse, despite being aware of the electromagnetic radiation emitted by smartphones. However, a large proportion of the population does associate health risks with smartphone placement at night, especially regarding the proximity of the phone and whether it is on flight mode or not.

With the use of smartphones growing exponentially in contemporary Australian society, research is key to accurately and confidently addressing health risks that may be posed by these technological innovations.

Tushar Goyal

Read more about Dr Redmayne’s study here.


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