Gastric banding for type-2 diabetes

A new Monash study has found significant health benefits from gastric banding for moderately overweight patients with type-2 diabetes. Previously, this procedure had been largely reserved for obese patients as a means of weight control, rarely considered for use in other demographics.

The five-year study on the merits of gastric binding on diabetes and weight loss in this group has found that it has significant weight-loss benefits when compared with a control group. Of the 45 participants, half received medical care and gastric banding and the other only medical care. Although both also received support to adopt lifestyle changes, those with the gastric banding lost an average of 12.2% of body weight compared to a 1.8% loss in the control.

The study also showed remission of diabetes in a quarter of patients with banding versus 9% without.

Considering that gastric banding costs AUD$13,910 including after-care, researchers suggest it is an extremely cost effective procedure especially when including the savings on drug therapy.

Emma Buckthorpe

Read more about the Monash study or more about laparoscopic gastric banding.


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