Change to sperm and egg donor law equalises rights of donor and child

The Victorian State Government has changed policy regarding the anonymity of sperm and egg donors, giving the children of these programs greater rights to understanding their background. The reform allows people born before 1st January, 1998, to access identifying details about their donor parent without their consent, including name and contact details. Previously, donors were assured that their details would remain unidentified to any child conceived from their egg or sperm.

Whilst the child now has the right to make contact with their donor parent, the donor may still refuse interaction, with penalties for breaching the donor’s wishes.

Personal identity is a crucial stage in adolescent and young adult development, and is founded of both life experience and understanding family history. In recent times, genetic heritage has been identified as a contributing factor to mental well-being. Knowledge of past family heritage and medical conditions can grant children peace of mind.

This world-first reform modernises policy to current psychological and emotional knowledge, while remaining sensitive to the rights of both child and donor.

Eve Lardner

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